Location: Plantations Two Community is located along Maryland Route 124 (Woodfield Road) about 3 miles south of Damascus and 8 miles north of Gaithersburg. The community is within an area call Woodfield.

When and who built: All of the homes in Plantations Two were originally built by the developer, Pettit and Griffin, as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Construction on the first single family homes began in the summer of 1985, with the first residents moving into the development in November 1985.

Functions of the the association:  When you purchase a home in Plantations Two you automatically become a member with all rights and responsibilities. These are outlined in detail in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws which the previous owner is required by law to provide to you prior to settlement. The association performs several functions. It manages the community swimming pool, two tennis coursts, basketball court, playground, sidewalks, parking bays in the townhomes, and approximately 50 acres of common propoerty which you see as the open green space surrounding homes in the community.

Community Size: The community consists of 204 single family homes and 104 townhomes. The total area of the community is about 115 acres. The community adjoins parts of area park land, which creates the appearance of an even larger area.

Plantations Two joins Plantation One on Bush Hill Terrace. Approximately 15 homes were built in 1994 at the south end of Rolling Fork Way, which are not part of Plantations Two.

History of plantations two

About Us

We are self-managed, meaning we have not hired an outside management company to handle the day-to-day business for the association. however, this arrangement is dependent upon the involvement and active support of residents. Briefly, our committees include the following: Architectural Control Committee, which reviews and approves homeowners requests for improvements to their properties; Grounds Committee, which oversees the maintenance of common areas, the playground, courts and parking areas; Pool Committee, which works with a pool management committee to maintain and manage the pool and issues pool passes; and the Social Committee, which organizes social events for the community. Please take the time to volunteer on one or more of our committees by e-mailing