Pool Hours

12:00 PM - 8:00PM Daily

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM on MCPS School Days

Open from May 27 to September 4, 2017Click below for the Pool Rules


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Outside Membership

Plantations Two Pool offers memberships to families living outside of Plantations Two for an annual fee of $350 per household. We also charge a $250 deposit the first year you join our pool. $200 of the deposit is refundable when the membership is cancelled (see financial policy for details). Both fees may be paid at once or you can defer half of the deposit ($125) until March of next year.  Each family receives free admittance for 5 guests. Admittance for additional guests is available for purchase by check, $15 for 5 additional guests. In addition, swim team information is available at www.pltpiranhas.swimtopia.com. Outside members are eligible to join the swim team. Swim team sign-ups typically begin in early May and continue after our pool opens. If you need more information, please send inquiries to the Plantations Two pool email: plantations2pool@gmail.com. NEW:We are offering a Trial Pool Membership this year. Your family can attend the pool from August 1st to September 4th (Labor Day) for $150. No deposit is required. This offer can be taken advantage of one time only, and is only available for families who are not current members of the pool. 


1. Read over the Pool Rules.

2. Read over the non-resident financial policy, unless

    you are purchasing a trial membership.

3. Pay online or pay by check.

  • Pay online using Paypal to Join or Renew or to purchase a Trial Pool Membership: choose the appropriate block to the right, click on Buy Now.  Then enter the information into the online Pool Member Info Form below the payment blocks.We still need your information for the Trial Membership!
  • Pay by check to join or pay for trail membership: Make check payable to Plantations II for either the whole amount, $600, for $475 (annual membership fee plus 50% of the deposit - you will be billed next year for the remaining $125 deposit which must be paid by March), or $150 for the trial membership. Fill out the Non-Resident Member Info Sheet. Mail in your check and the Non-resident info sheet to Plantations II (address below). 
  • Pay bycheckto renew: Make check payable to Plantations II. Pay amount that was billed to you. Fill out and mail in the Non-Resident Member Info Sheet with your check to Plantations II (address below).
  • Your membership will be processed within a few days. If you mailed in a check, it may take a little longer. You do not need to wait to receive pool passes to use the pool; you will not receive pool passes this year, since we are trying a new sign in method.  Trial members can only use the pool from August 1 to September 4.
  • If you need more information, please send inquiries to the Plantations II Pool e-mail: plantations2pool@gmail.com.


Plantations Two Community Association, Inc. 

Attn: Pool Membership

P.O. Box 396

Damascus, MD 20872

When you pay online, please remember to either fill out a  Pool Member Info Sheet and mail it in or use the online form below the Payment Options:


All residents of Plantations II in good standing are Resident Members of the pool, but we still need some info from you before you can use the pool. An Info Sheet was included in your yearly dues bill, but if you didn't return one, or you are new to our community, please fill out a Resident Member Info Sheet (click on blue block above) and mail it to Plantations II, PO Box 396, Damascus MD 20872.

New Pool Membership

      With $250 Deposit

Pool Membership Renewal

New Trial Pool Membership

in August 

$150 for August 1st through September 4th (Labor Day)

Pool Party RuleS

Looking to host a party at the Plantations Two Pool?

Click below for the Pool Party Rules and how to request a reservation. 

Pool Renewal with remaining $125 deposit

New Pool Membership

  With $125 Deposit - $125 to be billed March,  2018

Pool Member Info Form