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Tennis Court Repairs

PickleBall is Here!

​​Montgomery County Department of Transportation will begin repair work (deep roadway patches) on our community streets this year.

Path Repairs


About a month ago, you may remember our Tennis Courts were Closed for HOA Contracted Repairs & Refurbishment (by ATC Corp)


  • The courts were color sealed in two colors to delineate tennis courts and pickle ball courts
  • Nets will be replaced and cranks replaced and/or repaired.

The also installed a new key control knob on the entry gate.
Access Keys will be required to enter the tennis courts.

Homeowners interested using the courts to play tennis or pickleball will need to request an access key HERE.

Thank you for your cooperation during the repairs & refurbishment and thank you in advance for your continued care and respect for the beautiful work that was done. We hope you enjoy!!

​Erosion area repair between the Pool and the Melrose Square Townhomes has been completed. We hope that this will finally resolve the standing water issue.

New Information –the Erosion area below the basketball and play courts which has caused a new runoff problem major impact on the walking path, here is an update to everyone’s various emails:

  • This area was repaired by MDOT last fall after they inadvertently caused run off problem during the summer when cleaning out a stopped up storm drain. This repair was not done by the HOA.
  • The HOA finally received a call from the Gaithersburg DOT facility stating that they have reviewed our outfall situation below the play courts and agree that repairs are needed.
  • The Gaithersburg DOT will fence the area off and clean off the path at the beginning of next week (June 17) and then come back sometime at a later date (TBD) to completed the required repairs to the stormwater drainage/erosion area.

Street Repairs

Visit Our NEW Tennis/Pickleball Court Page HERE

Pickleball on Tennis Court: If you are interested in playing, contact Kathy Zegowitz at 301-512-6608. Kathy also has outdoor balls and a couple of extra wooden rackets if you would like to borrow them as well. Pickelball is not sponsored by Plantations II.

*Please also see PII rules & application process for Tennis Court Access HERE


Walking Path Replacement Project is Almost Complete

The last path sections will be closed starting on or about June 20, 2019

The Paths from Bush Hill Terrace to Pecan Grove Lane and Rolling Fork Road will be closed to everyone. The section(s) will be marked and blocked off during the removal of the old path and construction of the new path.

 A Section of the Pool Parking lot will continue to be used by our Contractor while the Walking Path reconstruction is being done. Please do not park in the upper end of the pool parking lot (near Melrose Square) until further notice.​

​Signs will be posted at the Entrances to the Path Area -- Please DO NOT enter the Construction Areas and

Please Do Not Walk on Paths until the Signs and/or caution tape is removed.

See Attachment Below for More Details

Erosion Updates