Plantations Two Pool offers memberships to families/households living outside of Plantations Two Community for an annual fee of $400 per household. We also offer an individual pool membership for adults 18 or older for an annual fee of $200. Additionally, there is a $250 deposit the first year you join our pool (applicable to both memberships). $200 of the deposit is refundable when a membership is cancelled (see financial policy for details) . Both the fee and deposit may be paid at once or you can defer half of the deposit ($125) until March of the next year.


Each membership receives 5 free guest passes. Additional guest passes are available for purchase by check or online for $15 for 5 additional passes. 


The Trial Pool Membership allows your family to attend the pool from August 1 to Labor Day for $150. No deposit is required. This offer can be taken advantage of one time only, for one season, and is only available for families or individuals who are not current pool members.

​If you need more information about our pool, please send inquiries to the Plantations Two Pool email by clicking the button below.

How to Join or Renew


1. Read over the Pool Rules