First time applying? All Applicants' payments are due at the time of application.

Trial Pool Membership (Not Available in 2020)    $150

Available for New Members ONLY

​August 1 - Labor day ONLY



Please note: If you paid by PayPal you still need to mail in a completed Outside Membership Info Sheet.

NEW Pool Membership     $525

Includes $250.00 Deposit (amount only for 2020)

Homeowners ONLY

Refundable Deposit  $50

(Homeowners ONLY)

Refundable upon return of the Tennis Court Access Key **

NEW Pool Membership     $400

Split Deposit in 2 Equal Payments:

$125 paid now + $125 billed next March (amount only for 2020)

Replacement Pool Access Tag    $10

Members Only

Pool Membership    $275

Renewal Only (amount only for 2020)

5 Guest Passes (Not Available in 2020)    $15

Members Only


Pool Party/Group Facility Fee (Not Available in 2020)     $50

Available for Members ONLY​

Tenants & Non-Residents   $150

Pool Membership: Renewal    $400

Renewal Plus 2nd Deposit Payment (amount only for 2020)


Includes $100 One-Time Non-refundable Membership Fee AND $50 Refundable Deposit (Refundable upon return of the Tennis Court Access Key **)
​Required for Tenants of PII and Non-Residents

Plantations Two Community Association, Inc.

** If your access key is lost, a replacement key will cost $50.

Please email for Application and further instructions