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Pool Access Tags

Pool Access Tags are required for entrance of all members ages 5 and above. 

  • Previously Issued Pool Access Tags will be reactivated for the season once your --

    • Resident Pool Membership Info Sheet is received & processed.

    • Outside Pool Membership Info Sheet & Payment are received and processed.

  • Lost or Misplaced Pool Access Tags: Replacement tags are available for a $10.00 fee and can be purchased during the pool season online & picked up at the pool office. To purchase by check, drop off a check at the pool office & you will be notified when the replacement card is available for pickup. NO CASH purchases.

  • New Members:

    • ​​​ Who have joined before the beginning of the pool season will receive their pool access tags at no charge the first day that they visit the pool.

    • Who purchase a membership during the pool season may begin to use the pool upon notification that their membership has been processed. Simply tell the pool staff you are a new member, give them the membership name, and you will receive your pool access tags at no charge.

  • Trial Memberships: Should follow the same procedure as New Members, but will only be able to use the pool access tags beginning August 1 and ending on Labor Day. Please keep your pool access tags for reactivation if you decide to join the pool the following year.

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