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Pool Access Tags

Pool Access Tags are required for the entrance of all members ages 5 and above. 

  • Renewal Members: Pool Access Tags will be reactivated for the season once your payment and Resident or Outside Pool Membership Info Sheet is completed.

  • Lost or Misplaced Pool Access Tags: Replacement tags are available for a $10.00 fee and can be purchased at the pool office during the pool season or online. Please bring your receipt to the pool office.

  • New Members who have joined before the beginning of the pool season will receive their pool access tags at no charge the first day that they visit the pool.

  • New Members purchasing a membership during the pool season may begin to use the pool upon notification that their membership has been processed. Simply present notification of completed Pool Membership to the pool staff and you will be issued your pool access tags at no charge.

  • Trial Memberships should follow the same procedure as New Members, but will only be able to use their pool access tags beginning August 1 and ending on Labor Day.

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