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Plowing of Community Streets

Snow Removal Truck

All our community streets are maintained by Montgomery County.

The County and/or county contractors hired by the county are responsible for plowing the snow on all our community streets.

For information please contact the county by calling 311 or going to

County plowing information can be found at the following link:

Community Paths Snow Removal

Girl Shoveling Snow

As a courtesy to the school children who walk to Woodfield Elementary School, our Landscape Contractor clears the following paths:

The path going from Rolling Fork Way at Melrose Square Way to Pecan Grove Lane;

The path from Pecan Grove Lane to Woodfield Elementary School;

The path behind Pecan Grove Lane & Roll Fork Way leading to Bush Hill Terrace; and

The path from Bush Hill Terrace to Noble Ridge Terrace.

Please note that these paths are only cleared when school is in-session and in-person (not when school is virtual).

Street Sidewalks Snow Removal

Image by Filip Bunkens
  • All residents are required by law to clear all public sidewalks or walkways (not paths) in front of and adjacent to property that a person owns, leases, or manages, including any walk-way in the public right-of-way.

  • Sidewalks should be cleared within 24 hours after the end of a precipitation.

  • Cleared sidewalks wide enough for safe pedestrian and wheelchair use..

  • The Plantations Two landscape contractor only removes snow from the following areas:

  • Sidewalks bordering the outbound lane of Rolling Fork Drive (entrance into our neighborhood community) along Rolling Fork Drive;

  • Sidewalks on Rolling Fork Way bordering the common grounds starting near the path between Primrose View Court & White Pillar Terrace, continuing north past White Pillar Terrace, across the sidewalk in front of the pool parking lot, and bordering Melrose Square Way past the Bush Hill Terrace intersection up to the first single family home on Rolling Fork Way (near Rustic Manor Court. 

  • Sidewalk sections on White Pillar Terrace and Melrose Square Way that border common grounds and intersect with Rolling Fork Way sidewalks).

Fire Hydrants, Mailboxes, Driveways, Parking Spaces, etc. Snow Removal

Image by Iris
  • Please remember to remove snow from around the fire hydrants and mailboxes located on or near your property.

  • Residents of Plantations Two are responsible for clearing the snow from their driveways/or assigned townhouse parking spaces.

  • Note: The pool parking lot driveway, parking spaces and sidewalk are not cleared of snow and ice.

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